• Client recovering from Agoraphobia “It is so good to be able to go on holiday (for the first time in many years) – the world is your oyster when you find a wonderful therapist”
  • Client with Fear of Spiders "For the first time in years I  find that I  am able feel relaxed  enough to go  to bed without having to strip the covers first to check for creepy crawlies"
  • Client with flying phobia ”I cannot believe how relaxed I was on the plane – at long last I can enjoy my holiday from start to finish”
  • Client with Needle Phobia "To be able to go the Doctor's and have blood tests done without feeling sick, dizzy and near to fainting, is nothing short of a miracle.  Thank you".
  • Client with anxiety issues "It is wonderful  to feel happy and grounded  for the first time in years and able to enjoy my children  again.  I can actually relax again"




 Hypnotherapy, Reflexology, Stress Management, EFT and Reiki